Online Store Experience

I started off with buying the Uniqlo bedsheets online because that was the hype and so I was pretty excited to give it a go but I found that they don’t actually have matching sets and there were really weird sizes that I found like — Double and Semi Double?

Bedsheets Malaysia — Kapas Living
Items you want are easy to pick


Bedsheets Malaysia — Kapas Living bedsheets with care cards
The Kapas bedsheets that customers will receive when you purchase at least their fitted sheet set — hard box with care and thank you cards
Uniqlo’s sheets that I bought were packaged very simply with a bag as a free gift


Next, on their website I also found that they produced their bedsheets from 100% extra-long staple cotton (they use 37mm natural cotton fibres for their all their) which I found pretty interesting because I always thought cotton is just cotton. From a bit of research done I found that fabric with extra-long staple cotton tends to be stronger, softer and more durable and will fray less, pill less and wrinkle less.

Athena enjoying the Kapas bedsheets before bed time
True story.
The Uniqlo AIRism bedsheets from Cupro and Polyester


While browsing I also couldn’t quite find what the threadcount was for the AIRism range (yes, I know threadcounts aren’t everything). According to the Kapas website, they use “real” 400 threadcount bedsheets because there are many brands that offer misleadingly high threadcount (e.g. >1,000 threadcount!) but actually involves spins many poor quality cotton fibres in a single yarn just to artificially boost the number. Which really explains why sometimes we pay so much for sub par bedsheets that cost a fortune but actually do not live up to standard.

USPs of the Kapas bedsheets that I think holds true to their products


Moving on to the next thing I found out about Kapas, was that their bedsheets are also Standard 100 certified by Switzerland-based Oeko-Tex®, to be free of harmful substances. While I do not have kids, this is a big YAY because I can now with a peace of mind gift this to friends and family this Christmas!


One other thing that was a factor for me was the price point, being a recently employed person, I didn’t want to keep spending for sheets because they tore easily or because I didn’t enjoy my sleep very much. I wanted something that lasted which led me to more comparisons:

You can buy a full set in the same colour or mix and match to style your bedroom



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